A little over a year ago I decided enough was enough. I became tired and useless to my family and myself. I had lost my desire to work and to participate in life. My health had been out of whack for years and I had to make a change. My 7 year old at the time son said Daddy let’s go play ball. I told him no I am to tired. This was not the father I wanted to be. I had to change. So I started nutritional cleansing and it has changed the trajectory of my life. I lost 85 lbs and have been maintaining for nearly the entire year. This program has meant so much more then weight loss though. What used to be a chore, going to work now I can not wait to wake up. I am more productive around the house and now I am participating in my families life. Nutritional cleansing has also afforded me the ability to make residual income by helping others achieve their own optimum health as well. One complaint though. Why did I not start sooner.