Dawn is a Motivational Speaker and Break Through Specialist. Dawn speaks to students, adults, and anyone else ready to be inspired. Dawn shares the path to success and it all starts with belief in yourself. She has been traveling around the country speaking for her mentor Jeff Combs at his More Heart Than Talent events. Dawn performs two types of speaking engagements. Motivational Speaking and Break Through Sessions. If you would like to learn more please check out my amazing team’s Break Through videos and stories from some of my events! Or fill out one of the short forms below!

Motivational Speaking

To an audience (any size). (School, work place, team training, etc.)

Motivational Speaking Form

Motivational Speaking Form

Break Through Sessions

Breaking through with a Board Breaking Exercise.

Break Through Session Form

Break Through Session Form

“Truly the most incredible and meaningful mindset training experience I have ever attended. Dawn’s passion for creating a “safe zone” to foster a breakthrough unique and sincere.”


“Not only did I break this board…I broke it into three pieces! This was an incredibly powerful breakthrough moment for me. The words on that board that were holding me back don’t stand a chance anymore!”


“This experience of breaking a board was not my first but it was certainly a game changer. This was the first time I had written down very personal and specific people and things holding me back! These experiences continue to prove just how strong we are!!