Running out of leads in your warm market? Don’t know who to call next? Learn how I become a master connector and enrolling over 450 in my network marketing business with this 50 minute long podcast and worksheet PLUS an additional 4 weeks of tips on how to become a master connector.



  1. Jodie Edmiston

    The art of connecting was so amazing and so worth the time! I had made a promise to myself to not settle for anything less than what was needed to grow my business. I promised myself nothing less than double PIB’s each week. I committed to reaching out to and starting relationships daily via Facebook friending. I knew what needed done, but it wasn’t happening. These weekly emails and podcast helped me meet grow and continue to do so. I can’t thank Dawn enough for what she has helped me do. My business is moving in the right direction now. I have signed up an average of 3 people and up to 6 people a week since the first of February. I am no longer afraid to be told no or to be ignored, it’s part of the process.

  2. Jodie Edmiston

    So, while at an event I heard Dawn speak, It wasn’t the first time I heard her, so I knew it’d be good. She is a master connector and has helped many learn to connect like a pro. I knew I needed it and in my heart, felt it would help to change my business. For a very nominal fee, personally since I’ve completed and have integrated it into my daily activities, I think it’s priceless. The content was amazing and what I learned I can say without doubt has helped me with my enrollment. I was consistently enrolling at least 3-4 a month prior to this for awhile. By incorporating what she taught along with being plugged in and attending events I’m so excited to share that I signed up 11 in February, 12 in March and 6 already in April. I’m not saying these are the results you’ll get, but what I am saying is it has the potential to change and sky rocket your business. Every time you are around people you need to be connecting. Get out, be around people and network. This training is a must have in my opinion, I’ve already shared with others, don’t wait just do it!

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