When starting a network marketing business, there is a crunch of time affecting most people. Inefficient use of time causes the most ambitious network marketers to fail, and so it is important to use the services of a productivity coach to maximize your tome to achieve your dreams.


The beauty of a time management system is the understanding of the challenges and achieving. Making use of those 15-minute pockets of time most folks inefficiently use. 

Everyone has 15-minute pockets of time. The thing to do is to take an inventory of your day and see where your time is spent engaged in activities lacking concrete benefits and/or not providing a boost in morale. These activities are counterproductive to improving your life and your mental state. 


There are easy places to find these pockets. Think about how much television is watched in each day. Isolate the time and think about how the television is affecting you. If watching television doesn’t provide a material benefit and causes you to feel less enthusiastic about attacking the day than prior to turning on the TV, this is a pocket of time to eliminate.

Spending a half-hour doing something with material benefit instead of increasing levels of personal agitation is something all productivity coaches would encourage. This half-hour could be the difference between just paying bills and living the life of your dreams. Ask yourself – if you had an extra half-hour each day, what could you achieve in that time?

In a week where you cut out half an hour of television you gain 3.5 hours of time for productive activities. Elimination of unproductive television is the easiest way to boost productivity.


Another aspect of productivity is mentality. Productivity coaches typically ask clients about how much time they are spending in the car along with what they’re listening to as they drive. Motivation is the key to achievement and replacing entertainment or news with motivational podcasts or audiobooks about a business idea, this is an efficient use of time. 


Another way to extend this benefit is when doing activities around the house. When cleaning, putting away groceries, or other activities not requiring complete attention, it is a wise idea to fill the silent space with audio that stimulates the mind. With an upbeat mood there’s much to achieve and that’s why it’s important to use these pockets of time on commutes and when doing chores. 


To drive home the idea of time pockets, take out a planner and chart a typical day. Since there are 24 hours in a day, the key is finding the unused time. The first thing to do is carve out the non-negotiables. These include:

 Sleep (6-8 hours depending on preference)
 Family time
 Gym Time
 Other obligations


These obligations are set in stone – they need to be done. However, most people notice after mapping out this time, there are plenty of time pockets remaining. Some even notice each day gifts a couple hours. A couple hours a day adds up to roughly 14 hours a week. Imagine all that can be done with that time!


One of the most productive times that people underutilize is lunch. What can be accomplished during lunch benefiting your goals or freeing up time later? 


Once pockets of time have been identified, productivity coaches will advise to write down a list of goals and the time it takes to achieve these goals. Cross referencing the free time versus the time investment required to achieve goals makes the abstract concrete. There is now a road map showing how to get from the origin to the goal destination.


Everyone has the same amount of time and getting to your goals is entirely based on how you use your time. Achieving your goals is only possible when you manage your time effectively.