How I Became an Isagenix Top Earner

How I Became an Isagenix Top Earner

I started out with Isagenix as a product user. I was an accountant for more than 27 years before that. I have always been into fitness, but found that I was gaining weight. A friend introduced me to Isagenix weight loss products. With my good experience with the products and checking out their business plan, it just made sense to join Isagenix as a distributor.

Starting a business in network marketing was way different from being an accountant. With her passion for the business, I sought out the knowledge and skills she needed to succeed. Using all that she’s learned, I transformed myself to be the best that I could be and achieve my goals as a network marketing entrepreneur. With her success in Isagenix, I went on to become an established and trusted MLM coach and motivational speaker.

Being a great MLM coach, mentor, and support to your people has its reward. I have mastered the art of motivating my team and effectively helping people overcome the stumbling blocks every network marketer faces. And the success of my team is a reflection of her leadership. Being a network marketing coach, I continues to transform others to enable them to duplicate her success in network marketing.

As she continues to learn and impart all she knows to her team and those that she mentors, I have consistently reaped the rewards of her hard work. I have created a six-figure income multiple times over with Isagenix, establishing myself consistently as one of the Isagenix top earners.

Productivity Coach Time Efficiency Tips

Productivity Coach Time Efficiency Tips

When starting a network marketing business, there is a crunch of time affecting most people. Inefficient use of time causes the most ambitious network marketers to fail, and so it is important to use the services of a productivity coach to maximize your tome to achieve your dreams.


The beauty of a time management system is the understanding of the challenges and achieving. Making use of those 15-minute pockets of time most folks inefficiently use. 

Everyone has 15-minute pockets of time. The thing to do is to take an inventory of your day and see where your time is spent engaged in activities lacking concrete benefits and/or not providing a boost in morale. These activities are counterproductive to improving your life and your mental state. 


There are easy places to find these pockets. Think about how much television is watched in each day. Isolate the time and think about how the television is affecting you. If watching television doesn’t provide a material benefit and causes you to feel less enthusiastic about attacking the day than prior to turning on the TV, this is a pocket of time to eliminate.

Spending a half-hour doing something with material benefit instead of increasing levels of personal agitation is something all productivity coaches would encourage. This half-hour could be the difference between just paying bills and living the life of your dreams. Ask yourself – if you had an extra half-hour each day, what could you achieve in that time?

In a week where you cut out half an hour of television you gain 3.5 hours of time for productive activities. Elimination of unproductive television is the easiest way to boost productivity.


Another aspect of productivity is mentality. Productivity coaches typically ask clients about how much time they are spending in the car along with what they’re listening to as they drive. Motivation is the key to achievement and replacing entertainment or news with motivational podcasts or audiobooks about a business idea, this is an efficient use of time. 


Another way to extend this benefit is when doing activities around the house. When cleaning, putting away groceries, or other activities not requiring complete attention, it is a wise idea to fill the silent space with audio that stimulates the mind. With an upbeat mood there’s much to achieve and that’s why it’s important to use these pockets of time on commutes and when doing chores. 


To drive home the idea of time pockets, take out a planner and chart a typical day. Since there are 24 hours in a day, the key is finding the unused time. The first thing to do is carve out the non-negotiables. These include:

 Sleep (6-8 hours depending on preference)
 Family time
 Gym Time
 Other obligations


These obligations are set in stone – they need to be done. However, most people notice after mapping out this time, there are plenty of time pockets remaining. Some even notice each day gifts a couple hours. A couple hours a day adds up to roughly 14 hours a week. Imagine all that can be done with that time!


One of the most productive times that people underutilize is lunch. What can be accomplished during lunch benefiting your goals or freeing up time later? 


Once pockets of time have been identified, productivity coaches will advise to write down a list of goals and the time it takes to achieve these goals. Cross referencing the free time versus the time investment required to achieve goals makes the abstract concrete. There is now a road map showing how to get from the origin to the goal destination.


Everyone has the same amount of time and getting to your goals is entirely based on how you use your time. Achieving your goals is only possible when you manage your time effectively.

Why Isagenix

Why Isagenix

There are a lot of MLM companies that come and go. Those that have stayed and in the top ranks of MLM companies are multi-billion companies. And Isagenix is one of them, with a revenue posted at nearly 1 BILLION- placing it in the global top 30 MLM companies for 2018. Since founded in 2002 by John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover, Isagenix has enjoyed growth and expansion globally. This year finds it celebrating its $6 Billion in cumulative global sales- a truly impressive milestone for a company that’s just turned sweet 16!

Isagenix has long been one of the top 100 network companies. And below are just 5 of the many reasons why.

1. Isagenix has established itself in the industry as a trusted company. It is a proven ethical company that has shown focus on both the physical health and financial success of members.

2. Effective health and wellness products. Health and Weight loss products are the top products worldwide and Isagenix offers effective products that address weight loss, improved performance and recovery, combating aging and for overall health improvement. Health and wellness products are in high demand as people take health more seriously, making health and wellness, not just a passing trend but an emerging lifestyle.

3. Personal Excellence. Isagenix members get support to achieve their goals as Isagenix distributors. DSN magazine has named Isagenix as one of its 2018 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.

4. New promotions and incentives. Just as other companies are cutting back, Isagenix offers exciting promotions and incentives to enroll new associates and help them advance.

5. Easy duplication of the business.

Joining Isagenix ensures you of quality health and wellness products at greatly discounted prices and can help create a great source of income as well. With the introduction of its essentials oils product line, Isagenix levels up once again to advocate holistic well-being.

Why You Need a Network Marketing Coach

Why You Need a Network Marketing Coach

Network marketing is a great business opportunity if you’re looking for that freedom and flexibility in managing your personal and business life. You get to plan things around the most important things in your life like family and friends. You get to set aside time for yourself because you essentially create your own hours and get to leverage your earning by working with your team.

The next step after joining a business opportunity that you are passionate about may be daunting for some. It can make you question if you’ve made the right step or if this business is right for you. This can happen when you don’t know exactly how to approach new prospects or you’re dealing with skeptics and you don’t know how to overcome the situation. You wonder how you can succeed just like the successful network marketing leaders your company has.

Patience and perseverance are good things to have in any business. You can try to navigate on your own and take the risk of making the common mistakes that a lot of network marketers make. But these mistakes can be costly. It can lose you prospects that can otherwise be part of your success, you can alienate friends and family when you approach them with your business opportunity. And worse, you’re left with feelings of anxiety and fear and in time, lose your focus. These may lead to quit when you think there’s no help out there especially when there are instances when your upline is just as clueless as you.

But there is help out there. It’s called a network marketing coach. Coaches who fall under this type have the experiences and skills that they have learned and applied in their own lives and have achieved success in the network marketing companies they are with. Coaching from true network marketing leaders will help you develop as a leader to your team. A great network marketing coach will enable you with skills to help you identify or validate your leads. He or she can teach you strategies on the best way to approach family and friends to introduce your business opportunity to without being pushy and then how to follow-up on those prospects you’ve validated. You will learn how to overcome skeptics and how to be effective in taking on new distributors as well. As a leader to your team, you’ll know how to keep track of each member’s progress and help them keep focused. You’ll get to learn these and more from a network marketing coach.

Whether you’re just starting or have been doing network marketing for some time, you can gain a lot from the coaching of a network marketing coach – one who has established success in his own network marketing company. Know that the coaching you get from a true network marketing coach is invaluable in that his/her experiences and knowledge are great tools to help you succeed without having to go the long and winding path to your success.

Why You Need an MLM Coach

Why You Need an MLM Coach

You’ve just joined a multilevel marketing company. And the next step is for you to recruit members to form part of your team. And you want to succeed. To achieve your goals, you know that part of your success relies on your team succeeding as well. You would need to be able to know how to build a team and be a leader yourself. And what better way to learn the ropes than to have a mentor- specifically, an MLM coach.

Mentorship is an integral part of any multi-level marketing company’s business model. In most cases, this is what defines a member’s level of success. A person who brings in another member or a team below them to sell or provide the same service or product has to guide or help each of his or her team member on how the business works. He or she guides and helps create strategies to help the members under his or her charge succeed in the business. Any team leader who does this with his or her team can be viewed as their coach. The team looks up to their team leaders/recruiters to guide them to become successful MLM entrepreneurs. When you’re recruiting to form your team, know that being a team leader is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Understand that an effective mentoring or coaching plays a great part in the team’s success and growth which in turn, affects your success as well.

Joining a multi-level marketing company, one has to have this mindset of not staying stuck at the bottom. The business model is there to help you succeed and level-up. It helps you achieve your goals by working smarter and not harder. And to be an effective leader and a successful MLM business owner, you need to learn from other leaders and cultivate the leadership skills to be an effective MLM coach to your team. And you do this by having a mentor yourself. Seek out an MLM coach whose experience and skills have proven effective in spelling success in their own MLM business. Your MLM coach’s advising and guidance can help you avoid the pitfalls that many MLM entrepreneurs before you have encountered. Your mentor can also help you cultivate the skills and impart their knowledge on getting your business to succeed.

If you look around, most successful people have had guidance and coaching. And with multi-level marketing, you need someone who can coach you from the perspective and experience of one who understands this business model well and has succeeded. A sales coach may be helpful. A sales coach alone who has no real MLM experience and success cannot help your business nor your team grow. With the multilevel business model, no one is better qualified to help you more than an MLM coach. Your MLM coach can help you and your team achieve your goals by showing you how to work smarter, not harder and equipping you with skills and knowledge that’s proven to help multilevel marketing entrepreneurs succeed with this business model.

Being an MLM entrepreneur, be in the business with the mind to succeed. Get a successful MLM coach to advise and teach you what you need to know. You and your team’s success depend on it.